wire mesh weaving machine

Wire mesh can be woven on an adapted flatweave weaving machine. We adapt the weaving machine to weave with metal yarn such as: copper, alluminium, iron, silver, … The wire mesh weaving machine can make different kind of wire mesh for various applications.

Wire Mesh Weaving Machine is a kind of machine independently developed by our company to meet the market demand. It can replace similar imported products. It adopts flexible swords with straight weft insertion, mechanical intermittent automatic feeding, active roll net, and step hanger. In summary, the broken wire stops automatically. With a large beating force, strong bearing capacity and high precision. With the advantages of smooth surface and diverse lines, we can weave all kinds of metal nets and polyester nets. And the degree of automation has been increased, which has greatly increased production efficiency and saved a lot of labor.

The weaving machine is strongly build and requires less maintenance.
Weaving yarn can be on beams, bobbin creel or both.
For industrial use. Price and delivery time depend on your requested specifications.